Highlights from The House - Sept. 13

The House of Assembly reconvened today for the fall and we are eager to see how the government backs up its call for greater accountability and transparency with legislative and policy changes.
In today's brief session, the Honourable Prime Minister Hubert Minnis addressed the devastation of Hurricane Irma and plans for recovery. Here are the main highlights:
1) The Audit Reports from the Auditor General for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were tabled and will be distributed at a later date, not determined in session.
2) Learning from Hurricane Irma, An Evacuation Bill 2017 is being drafted to standardize the evacuation process in the event of disasters. According to PM Minnis this bill will be circulated to the public before debate. #PublicConsultation is an important step toward accountability and translation. (See more on The Organization for Responsible Governance's advocacy for public consultation at:
3)The Deputy Prime Minister introduced an exigency order for tariffs on hurricane recovery supplies for affected by Irma. The exigency order goes into effect at the end of September for a period of 180 days.
4) The Prime Minister has promised to rebuild Ragged Island, which sustained extreme damage from Hurricane Irma, as a sustainable, smart island with all new infrastructure, renewable energy, and other "smart solutions." He urged public-private partnership in this endeavor and invited assistance in this effort.
A representative of The Organization for Responsible Governance will attend every session of The House of Assembly. Tune in here each Wednesday for Highlights from the House or join us at the sessions! Hope to see you there!

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