THE BAHAMAS WEEKLY: Jeffrey Lloyd Says Bahamas a Failed State if the Status Quo Remains

(Chester Robards / THE BAHAMAS WEEKLY) Lawyer and radio show host Jeff Lloyd impressed upon a group of young Toastmasters yesterday that they must help to destroy the status quo that is causing the Bahamas to slip into a failed state.

Speaking to club 7108 at Luciano's of Chicago, Mr. Lloyd impressed upon the group that the central institutions of governance in this country are not functioning properly and are therefore no benefit to its citizens.

“We are never to become adjusted to the status quo,” he said. “We should be at war with the status quo. We are failing in every subdivision of statistical measurement in this country.”

Mr. Lloyd offered several remedies to right-side the country. Education topped his list of corrective measures essential to improving the lives of Bahamians. But, he suggested discipline and integrity from the political and economic elite, and trust in the government and system of governance, as paramount to moving the country forward.

“The elementary discussions about nation building cannot be engaged by the uneducated population because they are blinded by their inability to process basic information,” Mr. Lloyd said.

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