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Q- What role does under education play in Governance?

As a population becomes less educated, so does the level of candidate available for election within government. This leads to a significant risk of persons seeking nomination and election to government as a means of employ instead of serving one's country. The needs of the nation are put behind the needs of the political party and or the elected. Nepotism, cronyism and corruption then ensue.

An educated society is essential to the process of selecting and providing good governance within any successful nation, and so it must be made abundantly clear to all citizens that the nation’s BGCSE grade point average is a clear indication of any governments desire to move the nation forward. If any political party is not seriously examining, analyzing and determining tangible and actionable ways to seriously improve the education system (not maintain the status quo D or D- BGCSE GPA) over the short, medium and long-term then they have no place in today’s governance. Opportunity and success will not avail themselves to an ignorant and or undereducated Bahamian people.

Lana_Lee_Broghdon.jpgLana Lee-Brogdon is president of New Oriental Laundry and Cleaners Ltd., a family-owned business now in its 55th year, and also owns and operates Wok N Roll Chinese Restaurant and Bar on Cable Beach. She is a co-founder of the Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) and is currently serving her third year as a Director on the Board of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce & Employers Confederation. She was also the Public Relations Director for the Coalition for Responsible Taxation.

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