TRIBUNE COVERAGE: Citizen Group Seeks To Increase Accountability

(TRIBUNE) A NUMBER of concerned citizens, local business people and community leaders have formed a new non-profit, non-partisan coalition to advocate for open, accountable and responsible governance.

The continuing lack of accountability, transparency, integrity, responsibility and equitable enforcement of the rule of law by successive governments over the last 35 years has put The Bahamas at risk, according to the Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG).

The organisation, a membership based, non-profit foundation founded in 2015, is comprised of Bahamian citizens, residents, student and youth organisations, civic groups, community leaders, businesses, associations and civil society. This diverse and inclusionary group says it will focus on “initiating a national dialogue on core socioeconomic and geopolitical concerns affecting The Bahamas, including open and accountable government; fiscal, energy, educational, economic, immigration and constitutional reforms; the equitable enforcement of the rule of law; monetary policy; trade agreements and the ease of doing business.

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