The Campaign for the Bahamas is a rallying cry to fight for a positive and sustainable future for our country! The only way for positive change to happen is if our collective voices are heard.

Show your support for The Campaign for the Bahamas by getting informed and getting involved! Sign-up below, read more about the campaign initiatives, and support new reforms that will bring about greater government accountability and transparency, educational reform, and a strong economy for the Bahamas.

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What do YOU know about the Bahamas?

Test your knowledge and learn more about the most important issues facing our country, and our future.

This campaign is all about empowering people so that, together, we can be a force for real change. The first step to achieve this is becoming more informed. Do you know how well our education system is working? What about the economy, where do you think we rank compared to other countries? Take the quiz, get informed and then take action by getting involved.

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Uniting Bahamians for Positive Change

Why care about government accountability? Because bad governance means wasting your tax dollars and taking away your rights!

What you don’t know is costing you and your family, possibly for generations to come.

  • You have a right to be heard.
  • You have a right to quality education.
  • You have a right to good governance.
  • You have a right to know.
  • You have a right to earn a living.

You have the power to change where your government is headed. Too much power is in the hands of too few people and we must take action. 

Get Informed. (Because democracy is not a spectator sport!)

Did you know the education system is failing your children? Poor education means a poor future!

Seven out of every 10 young people in The Bahamas do not have the skills necessary to pursue a college education or management position. This education gap is not acceptable and it is time to stand up for our children and our future. Education affects everything from the economy to increased crime and even government corruption.

You and your family deserve better. Learn more about these issues and what changes we can demand.

Get Informed. (The first step is to educate yourself!)

Did you know that almost 1 in every 10 Bahamians lives on less than $13 a day?

The Bahamas is headed off an economic cliff!  

The state of the economy in the Bahamas is not acceptable and the only way this will change is if the public demands action. Our country has the second highest youth unemployment rate in the Caribbean (31%) and has an overall unemployment rate of 16%. The Bahamas also ranks poorly on the ease of doing business. 

Get Informed. (Don't look the other way, learn more today!)

Ask an Expert

Bahamian Economy

What are the befit of enacting a Public Management Act and how does it differs from the current Public Service Act?

Q- What is required for the Bahamas to adopt a more modern system of governance?

Modern Governance depends on the ongoing involvement of civil society, citizens and officials must see good governance not only as an ideal, but also as impr...

Q- How does Economic Development relate to Good Governance?

Good governance requires dynamic planning that constantly considers key economic factors and a good working knowledge of their application. As economies are ...

Campaign News & Events

Groups Urge Enactment of FOIA

NASSAU, New Providence, (April 9, 2017) –  With Parliament to be prorogued on April 11th, 2017, this administration has all but lost its window to enact important legislation like t...

ORG Chairman Robert Myers: Deficit Growth Staggering

FROM Tribune News Network By NEIL HARTNELL Tribune Business [email protected] full article here.  The 75 per cent increase in the fiscal deficit for the four month...

ORG Statement on Interception of Communications Bill 2017

  ORG Statement on Interception of Communications Bill 2017 NASSAU, New Providence, (February 13, 2017) – The quiet tabling of the Interception of Communications Bill 2017 last week...

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The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) is an apolitical, non-profit foundation

with the objective to promote Good Governance by the government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

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