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Q- What is required for the Bahamas to adopt a more modern system of governance?

Modern Governance depends on the ongoing involvement of civil society, citizens and officials must see good governance not only as an ideal, but also as improving their own lives and the quality of life and the environment around them. A government that does not include the voice of its entire people is not the people’s government. No matter how diverse, contrasting viewpoints are healthy and add to the debate on what direction a country should head. Good leadership is the steward to the process and not the master. A government that does not respect and work with Civil Society on an ongoing basis has no place in modern governance.

robert_myers.jpgRobert Myers is the Chairman and co-founder of the Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) and one of its founding members. Mr. Myers is a shareholder and director in a number of Bahamian-owned and operated businesses that come under the umbrella of Caribbean Group, where he serves as president. Former chairman of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce & Employers Confederation, he was also the founder and Co-Chairman of the Coalition for Responsible Taxation that negotiated VAT taxes down from a proposed 15 per cent to 7.5 per cent and eliminated almost all exemptions.

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