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FOIA Bahamas Petition Coalition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CIVIL SOCIETY AND PRIVATE SECTOR COME TOGETHER TO DEMAND ‘TRUE’ FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT Launch joint public awareness campaign Empowering Citizens to Act Nassau, Bahamas (September 17, 2016) — In response to the Government’s announcement last week that a final version of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2015 will be tabled in Parliament soon, the pressure is mounting for a ‘true’ FOIA.

The Campaign for the Bahamas launches, focus is to bring about positive change for country

A new campaign has been launched by the Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG), a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to addressing long-standing issues plaguing the Bahamas.

THE BAHAMAS WEEKLY: Jeffrey Lloyd Says Bahamas a Failed State if the Status Quo Remains

(Chester Robards / THE BAHAMAS WEEKLY) Lawyer and radio show host Jeff Lloyd impressed upon a group of young Toastmasters yesterday that they must help to destroy the status quo that is causing the Bahamas to slip into a failed state.

TRIBUNE: Moody’s Now Challenges Govt Over Debt Ratios

(Neil Hartnell / TRIBINE) Moody’s is now questioning another key fiscal projection by Prime Minister Perry Christie’s government, warning that the Bahamas’ uncertain outlook makes it hard to forecast how high - and when - the debt-to-GDP ratio will peak.

TRIBUNE COVERAGE: Citizen Group Seeks To Increase Accountability

(TRIBUNE) A NUMBER of concerned citizens, local business people and community leaders have formed a new non-profit, non-partisan coalition to advocate for open, accountable and responsible governance.