ORG Welcomes D’Aguilar and All Political Candidates Who Embrace Good Governance.

NASSAU, New Providence, (November 1, 2016) – The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG), a not-for-profit civic foundation dedicated to improving Accountability, Education and Economic Development in The Bahamas, congratulates Dionisio D’aguilar on his recent decision to seek political office. Mr. D’Aguilar, as a member of ORG, has long embraced and promoted the principles of fair, transparent and participatory governance. These are recognized to be essential traits for an effective public servant. ORG, as a nonpartisan and apolitical membership organization, welcomes all current public servants and candidates seeking office that publicly commit to the tenants of Good Governance into our ranks. 

The positive and sustainable reforms to Accountability, Education and Economic Development which ORG strives for affect all those who live and work in The Bahamas.  ORG recognizes that the public must elect representatives that demonstrate respect for rule of law, transparency, and appreciation for the interest and involvement of citizens, residents, civil society organizations, private industry, media and government. Matthew Aubry, ORG’s Executive Director recognizes that collaboration and support from elected representatives, and those seeking election is an essential component of Good Governance, “ORG invites the participation and input of all MPs and Candidates for Parliament who are committed to Accountability, Education Reform and Economic Development. We already count a number of candidates among our supporters, including, Mr. D’Aguilar, Stephen Greenslade, who is running for the DNA in Golden Isles and Terneille Burrows, who is running as an independent in Elizabeth and we expect more to join in the coming weeks and months.”


ORG is committed to empowering citizens to make educated choices as to who should represent them. This summer, ORG launched “The Campaign for The Bahamas”, a non-political effort to better educate and engage the public around the core issues that affect the country., ORG has partnered with other Civil Society Organizations and Private Industry to form committees of local experts, advocates and leaders who are working together to improve Accountability, Education and Economic Development in The Bahamas. These committees draw from research and international best practices to create solutions adapted to The Bahamas. One of these committees has been steadfastly working to push for passage of a strong and fair Freedom of Information Act.

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