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Q- How does Economic Development relate to Good Governance?

Good governance requires dynamic planning that constantly considers key economic factors and a good working knowledge of their application. As economies are ever changing due to local, regional and global conditions, good fiscal and economic governance requires reaction and adaptation to maintain economic control. Without good fiscal and economic knowledge, policy and practices as well as the ability to monitor and react and or adapt quickly, a nation’s economy will suffer, as will the opportunity available to its people. If left unchecked or uncorrected the likely symptoms are increased crime, higher unemployment, lower wage growth, lower consumer confidence, poor business confidence, less foreign direct investment, lower productivity and poor morale to name but a few.


Dionisio-DAguilar.jpgDionisio D’Aguilar has been president and chief executive of Superwash Limited in The Bahamas for nearly 23 years. Superwash operates the largest chain of self-service laundries in the country. Previously, he was director of Baha Mar a $3 million mega resort under construction in Nassau, and previously director of J.S. Johnson and Company Ltd., the largest firm of insurance brokers and agents in The Bahamas.

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